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Stall Requirement Form
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  • * Exhibition Name : 
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    * Time : 
    * Please attach the floor plan with a mark on area of your stall : 
    Please Upload .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf Files only
  • 1. How many staff will be present on the stand ? 
    2. Are you looking for hire or purchase? 
    3. Reception desk, with shelves OR with cupboard 
    4. Preferable colour scheme for the stand 
    5. Literature stands / brochure stands, If yes then how many in numbers 
    6. What equipments will you have on the stand (kindly provide their technical
    details along with dimensions and weights) ? 
    7. What type of flooring do you require? Carpet / Wooden flooring etc 
  • 8. Do you have any rough plans or layout in mind,If yes please explain 
    9. Brandings / Posters required in numbers 
    10. Size of each Brandings required 
    11. Do you need Plasma / LCD, If Yes, then how many in numbers 
    12. DVD Player, If yes, the how many in numbers 
    13. Laptop requirement 
    14. Number of electric points required for your products 
  • 15. Number of open air discussion table with chairs 
    16. Do you need a enclosed conference room / semi portioned / open air? 
    17. What kinds of furniture do you need and how many in numbers? 
    18. Do you need a store room / area, if so how big? 
    19. Do you need a pantry in your stand / booth? 
    20. Are your products functional / demo / stand alone 
    21. Please indicate the amount / budget available for stand design and build?